Avocado, Bacon & Eggs!

19 02 2013

Hi everyone! I found (& made) this little GEM today & wanted to share!

I was off of work today & was excited to take a quick look on Pinterest for some new ideas… Sure enough I found a KEEPER! I just made this for dinner. All the flavors worked so well together! I will make a few adjustments for next time… which I will post at the end.

Avocado Bacon and Eggs

1 Avocado
2 eggs
2 strips cooked bacon, crumbled

So here we go: Avocado, Bacon, & Eggs!!

First… cook the bacon. I didn’t have any turkey bacon left. So I used some of my husband’s organic applewood bacon. Use whatever you’d like…. it’s bacon.


Next, cut the avocado in half and scoop some of the avocado out so more of the egg can fit inside the avocado. Chop the bacon into small pieces.


Set the avocado halves on the rim of a cookie sheet and crack the egg into the avocado. Sprinkle on top with bacon.


Bake in oven at 425 degrees for 15 minutes!


This can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner! And if you’d like, just sprinkle on top with salt & pepper.

What I will do differently next time:

Undercook the bacon, just a bit.
Buy LARGE avocados (as the pictures show my avocado halves were still TOO small for the eggs to fit)
Serve as a side/appetizer. I was still hungry after eating 2 halves.

Resource: http://annanimmity.com/avocado-bacon-and-eggs/




One response

19 02 2013

Looks delish! I’ll be making this for lunch today!

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