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5 03 2013

Are you about ready to make some healthy changes?

Think back to 5 years ago…. how did you imagine yourself? Do you fit the picture right now? If you don’t… why not? Most likely because of your (my) personal choices… that is why you are how you are today. So what will it take to change that? CHANGE! 🙂 Make a positive personal decision to reach your goals & feel more comfortable in your own skin!

So what is a Challenge Group?

Bikini season is FAST APPROACHING peeps… It’s time to TURN UP THE HEAT!!!

Here is what we cover:

– How to create and live a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE rather than just a short-lived QUICK FIX.

– How to OVER-COME the SELF-SABOTAGER inside you and live your BEST LIFE


– GROUP camaraderie (people who are headed in the same healthy direction as YOU!)

– Guidance with your nutrition! (I give you the EXACT nutrition plan I follow!

– HEALTHY COMPETITION! Prizes for the most dedicated challengers!

– RESULTS <— Leave the 60 days a BETTER, STRONGER, more CONFIDENT YOU!!! =)


If you would like to be considered to be a participant in the next Bombshell Challenge, starting on April 1st, please request to join the group by posting a comment below and I will shoot you over the deets! (Non-Coaches ONLY please, as there is limited space available!)

We drink SHAKEOLOGY in place of ONE meal a day & do our fitness program!


shake and salad


Here are some of the results of our Challengers!

lindsay before and after

BBL results

Scottie transformation

guy transformation


60 days

These are just a FEW examples of how I can help you! 🙂 I will help you with nutrition plans, motivation, accountability, TIPs from ME and from Fitness Professionals like the ones in your fitness programs.
If you want to join us, comment below. If the Challenge isn’t for you, but still need some help with nutrition, health, or fitness… still comment below… & I will  GLADLY  help you!!



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The FACTS! … Shakeology!

26 02 2013


One of the biggest obstacles I face when helping people develop healthier lifestyles and habits is the food they eat and even more… the WAY THEY THINK about food.

Many of us believe that in order to achieve our “fitness goals”, we simply have to reduce our calories. This is simply untrue.

Let me repeat myself – IT’S NOT ABOUT REDUCING CALORIES!

Achieving your goals SOLEY depends on your ability to fuel your body appropriately. To live a healthy life, and to FEEL healthy, you must be giving your body what it NEEDS!

So, the question becomes, how do I fuel my body right?

Each person will have individual needs. That would be way too long of a post. Please message me though if you would like one on one help, and I would be happy to set you up for success!

Many others will join me when I say, no matter what nutrition plan you choose to follow, they  ALL …. Yes all of them…. NEED to include Shakeology.

Here is the WHY!


I am not going to list ALL of the ingredients and incredible superfoods here. If you’d like to read that PLEASE do… but go here (there is a PDF on the bottom of the page with the details)

Another coach has said, “Shakeology is the ‘kitchen sink approach’ to nutrition. Or better yet, it’s the Swiss Army Knife of nutrition!  It has over 70 superfood ingredients in it that your body will use to repair, change, and improve itself.”

Shakeology is a powder. It is FOOD. It is a complete nutrition, unlike juicing or many other “protein shakes.” This is SO MUCH MORE than a protein shake! Highly trained professionals searched HIGH and LOW for the BEST, HIGHTEST QUALITY foods from AROUND the WORLD (literally) and made them into a shake. The ground that they grow in is NOT treated with chemicals and pesicides. It is not made in some factory, but rather in a LAB in the US. There is NOTHING artificial in it.. NOTHING. That is why there aren’t a bazillion flavors. Beachbody will not make a Vanilla, or Peanut Butter or whatever flavor you crave… just to make it! They will not make those flavors unless it can be achieved naturally and in line with all that Shakeology stands for. Watch this VIDEO to see where the ingredients come from.


They are much higher quality than what you or I can get in the stores.  It comes in three flavors – Chocolate, Tropical and Greenberry. The tropical formula is VEGAN, and there is a Chocolate VEGAN (along with the regular chocolate) too. It has only 140 calories for the base mix and 16-17g of protein per serving.

Oprah herself had a 10 page article on the superfoods in Shakeology (see the May 2011 issue of O Magazine).


I am a nurse and I have seen first hand the effects of an unhealthy diet. Disease process after disease process WILL ROB you of your life, joy, and comfort if you continue to put junk in your body. It just will. And then, you will have little to no choice but to then take a daily medication to combat these ailments.

For me, I’d much rather get my nutrients from whole foods. I would much rather pay Beachbody and drink a delicious Shakeology meal daily for the rest of my life than pay CVS & my doctor for my medicine to then cause a slew of other issues in my body.

TIME magazine (and others) have put out report after report explaining the real change in the nutritional makeup of our foods.  The nutritional value of the food today is declining.  So, the apple you can eat today has  1/3 of the nutritional value your grandparents had at the same age. Why? There are many reasons.  But in summary – agriculture is definitely a business.  Faster production growth times, more product, etc… equals more profit. So they find ways to grow them faster and grow them more often, no matter what it costs or how it changes our foods. We’re not letting nature take its course.

Another reason – convenience.  I wake up at 6 am to go to work.  I am not a morning person if my morning starts before 7:30 am. There is no way I’m cooking a healthy breakfast that early! So with this, I put the recipe into a blender along with my favorite recipe items and blend it up! That’s it. Takes  3 minutes to prepare and drink while I’m on the road. Saves precious time at 6am! And truly, I LOVE the way it tastes! I look forward to it. There is no longer any reason to skip breakfast.

Things I wasn’t told before I started drinking Shakeology:

It actually CURBS my appetite/sweet tooth. True story.

It aids in digestion and regularity.

It helped clear up my skin (facial acne).

It helps with MOOD.

I sincerely do not get hungry for snacking until it’s time for my second meal! 6am-11am… no cravings!

It got rid of my CHRONIC BLOAT! (within the first week of drinking it)


There are WAY too many benefits to list them all here. I do not want to summarize and belittle this amazing product.  See Shakeology’s website for this detail.

Another advocate once described it well….”Picture a scoop of Shakeology taken daily as a hundred million little nutritional handymen making repairs on your ‘house’ each and every day. They fix the broken stuff, repair and mend the little things, clear the clutter, make sure the systems are running at peak condition and are constantly doing home improvement projects to make your “house” the best it can be!”

To name just a few things that Shakeology is going to give you:

•More energy

•Lower cholesterol (the bad stuff)

•Regulate your blood sugar

•Improve your skin, nails, hair, eyes

•Help/eliminate cravings

•Improve regularity

•And for those vain people (me included) – LOSE WEIGHT!


For the few who truly can’t afford it, I’m sorry. I’m sorry that things are tough for you.  You should definitely contact me for coaching, and join my team. For 99.99% of the rest of you, that’s simply not true!

We all know how much a Starbuck’s Latte costs. This meal is incredible and equals spending $4/day on the healthiest meal you could EVER have (for this cost). You can’t buy McDonald’s Happy Meals for $4 anymore, and let’s not even try to compare the nutritional value in the two!!

So if you say it isn’t in your budget, I would challenge you to re-examine your priorities. I don’t mean to be intrusive or judgmental, but this is your HEALTH, the example you set for your children, and the way you choose to treat the ONE body you get in this life. Maybe downgrade that ridiculous HBO bill, or the CRAZY amount of money you spend eating out each month… just a suggestion! I’m SO glad I made some adjustments in my family’s budget, and we will never go back!

shake and salad

Quick Fix!?!?

Your body didn’t gain weight overnight, or begin feeling sluggish overnight. No, this isn’t a miracle. It won’t change the scale or your cholesterol overnight. But, I bet you will feel the serious results in 5 days of consistent consumption of Shakeology! 5 days!!


Personally, I do not care for the taste when mixed with water. But I would still drink it every day if that’s the only way I could make it. I prefer Vanilla Almond Milk & a blender and it is honestly to die for. But, there are a TON of recipes! People have come up with such incredible HEALTHY recipes for Shakeology. Different ingredients added to the mixture can transform a great shake into a WONDERFUL treat!

There are over 120 of them! And more are coming as people like you and me get creative and send them in!


There is no better way to show you the value of Shakeology than to have people share their stories. These are excerpts from people on Shakeology. These are real people with real results and stories. They are 100% true.

Cheryl’s Story – Just got some of the best news I have ever heard (and at a perfect time, when I’ve been feeling very discouraged). My mother-in-law has been drinking Shakeology every day for several months, she has been struggling to lose weight and honestly hasn’t been working out & hasn’t been eating well other than the Shakeology. She is 78 yrs old and I continually try to help her. For the first time since she was in her 20′s, her blood work all came back normal!!! Last year she was borderline diabetic and this year her blood sugar levels were normal!!! The only change in her life was SHAKEOLOGY! Wow I am so excited for her! –

Joyce’s Story – My cholesterol was 261 & mydoctor was going to prescribe cholesterol meds at my next visit. Istarted drinking Shakeology – and in 2 months, my total cholesterol dropped 83 points and my bad cholesterol (LDLs) dropped 77 points – yes – in 2 months!!! ALL my blood levels went into normal ranges in 2 months AND I lost 20 pounds. My doctor said – just keep doing what you’re doing! =)–

Rafeal’s Story – My mom expressed to me the compliments she was receiving ever since she started on Shakeology. To start things off, let’s start with my mom’s medical condition prior to Shakeology. My mom is Diabetic and anemic. She was placed on Thyroid medication to help her lose weight. Her insulin was prescribed to help control her sugar levels. My mom is medically disabled and has had to use wheel chairs and a cane to assist in getting around. She also has to sleep with a sleep apnea machine to help her breathe at night.

After hearing and seeing what Shakeology has done to me, my mom decided to give it a try. After having to spend hundreds of dollars on shakes and Ensure from her doctor’s office, she figured why not do Shakeology.

So, 2 months have gone by and my mom opened her third bag. She went to the local grocery store (Publix) where like always, the cashiers are so friendly and always remember their customers. My mom walks in and the cashier yells, “OMG SYLVIA, You’ve lost so much weight and you’re walking WITHOUT A CANE!! What are you doing?”

That excitement brought my mom to say SHAKEOLOGY! My son got me on it and it’s helped me so much, she said. My mom got the lady’s email and called me about the news. Next, my mom went to her doctor’s office. All the nurses, techs, and receptionist were shocked, too. She went the other day after having a physical done. Her doctor walked in with a confused look on her face. Looking at the chart then at my mom, the doctor couldn’t understand the rapid change. First thing out the doctor’s mouth was, “Sylvia, what are you doing different?” my mom said “Shakeology why?” The doctor replied, “Well, don’t ever stop it!”

The doctor then explained to my mom that she no longer needed her insulin, her levels were normal. Next the doctor lowered her triglyceride medication. Next the doctor was happy to tell her that she was now no longer anemic. Within 2 months, my mom lost 32 pounds, that’s an average of 16 pounds a month. Mind you, my mother is disabled so she CANNOT EXERCISE. This has all taken place simply by drinking Shakeology. Also with the weight loss, my mom hasn’t needed to use her cane to walk or sleep apnea machine when sleeping.

Barb’s Story – Barb has been dealing with RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS. BEFORE Shakeology:

•Used to ride a chair lift up/down stairs in her home.

•Hurt to walk

•Cookies for breakfast

•No energy


•Walks up and down stairs –


•Has more energy!

•Cravings for junk food – GONE

•Lost 9 pounds & 14.5 inches

•Gone down 1 size in her clothes

•Started the Shakeology 30 minute & 50 minute workouts – did them for 3 weeks

•Moved on to Beachbody’s Slim in 6 workout

Showed Shakeology to her medical doctor and Rheumatologist – both doctors approved. Her Rheumatologist is interested in ordering Shakeology and helping her patients with it – after seeing her success. WOW!!!!!!


I think I’m still in shock that I’ve had no pain for over one month now. Especially for having suffered for so many years. My only regret was waiting. HUGE thank you to you(Tom) for introducing me to this and helping me live my life again. I hope I can help to change the lives of others suffering from the same disease!

Kimberly And Her 14 yr Old Daughter’s Story – WEIGHT LOSS and PKD – POLYTHEISTIC KIDNEY DISEASE—>NO LONGER AT RISK!!!

I started the Shakeology about 6 weeks ago and within the first three weeks lost a total of 18 lbs. I have so much more energy and as you’ve seen last night I am now able to fit into clothes I couldn’t just a couple of months ago. I have higher self-esteem and it shows. I decided to start my 14 yr old daughter on Shakeology who has a lot of medical problems – one of which is failure to thrive and polytheistic kidney disease(PKD). My daughter was going to the doctor about 6 times a month due to her kidney stones and the doctor needing to keep an eye on them. I am happy to report that she is no longer considered at risk for the failure to thrive and is healthier than ever after 6 weeks on the program. But the most spectacular thing is she is now seeing the doctor only a few times a month and has had no sign of stones in two weeks. That is amazing. For the first time in years she is feeling like a kid and able to do the things a kid should be able to do without the pain and frustration of constant issues. Thanks for the information on the Shakeology. It has been a blessing in so many ways.

James’s Story – I was out of shape, overweight, and bordering on high blood pressure. I felt sluggish, had difficulty walking up a flight of stairs at work, and was starting to get arthritis in my knees. I weighed 265 pounds when I started using Shakeology as a daily noon meal replacement. I began doing the Shakeology 30 workout video every day too. I set a goal to get down to 225 pounds by my birthday on 7/26/2010. To my amazement, after 45 days on the program, I’ve lost 30 pounds and have gone from a 44 waist paints with a large belly hanging over to a 38 waist. And I can look straight down and see my toes, which I haven’t been able to do for at least 20 years!

Brook’s Story – In 2008, I was diagnosed with severe ulcerative colitis. Since then I’ve been on a huge amount of meds, from steroids to herbal remedies. Simply going to a movie with friends had become a huge challenge. The VERY first day on Shakeology, I couldn’t believe how much energy I had! I’d been an energy-drink junkie for years, and this tasty shake gave me higher quality, longer lasting energy than any of those sugary, bubbly drinks. After only a week, the shocking results started: the colitis flare-up I was experiencing was nearly gone! I can’t begin to tell people how amazing this stuff is. I’m losing weight, getting in shape, and I’ve been off my harmful medications for almost three months. I believe Shakeology gave my body the nutrients it needed to fight the colitis.



1.Choose your flavor

2.Choose box or bag (you get more with the bag)

3.Choose Autoship.  This is important! This gets you FREE S&H! This is how you save $$$ on Shakeology.


The bad news is that April 1st, Shakeology prices are going UP! Oh no!! They are about to experience an increase in the cost to ship Shakeology. So for the $119 you spend now, it will go up to $129 plus about $12 in shipping. BUT…. If you order on home direct (auto ship) BEFORE April 1st, you are LOCKED IN to the old price!!

So if you have been waivering… MARCH is the time to COMMITT ….and save yourself $22 a month 🙂

Pay it Forward!!



Reference:  INVICTUS .

Pretty please…. with an EGG on top?

21 02 2013

Tonight I was wanting to cook a HIGH protein meal with some of my favorites! I wanted this meal to be IN LINE with Slow Carb & Paleo guidelines (technically a sweet potato can be eaten raw… and a “tuber” so I am pretty sure they are allowed! Paleo Friends… correct me if I am wrong!)

Anyway, I cooked a simple meal for JUST ONE tonight. And it has OVER 30 grams of protein.

So here we go..

This is what I used (modify to your taste!)

1 organic sweet potato

1 organic yellow bell pepper

2 HEAPS of organic spinach

1 organic egg

1 organic FROZEN Trader Joe’s turkey burger

DASH of Trader Joe’s Seasalt, Roasted Garlic, Onion, Parsley blend

1 tablespoon Olive Oil divided into 3 pans

And 1/4 of an avocado (optional)

EASY… cook the sweet potatoes for about 10 minutes before you add bell peppers

1 sw pot

These are the turkey burgers I buy from Trader Joe’s… use whatever looks good to you!

2 tuk burg

Cook your egg!

3 egg

Cook your burger! (as directed or use fresh ground turkey)

4 cook burg

Add at least 2 heaps of spinach. This will cook down I promise.

5 add spinach

This is the stellar seasoning I found at Trader Joe’s

6 season

And…. ASSEMBLE (with optional 1/4 of an avocado)!

7 done

Like I said.. this has over 30 grams of protein involved.
It WILL fill you up!
I hope you all enjoy!!

Avocado, Bacon & Eggs!

19 02 2013

Hi everyone! I found (& made) this little GEM today & wanted to share!

I was off of work today & was excited to take a quick look on Pinterest for some new ideas… Sure enough I found a KEEPER! I just made this for dinner. All the flavors worked so well together! I will make a few adjustments for next time… which I will post at the end.

Avocado Bacon and Eggs

1 Avocado
2 eggs
2 strips cooked bacon, crumbled

So here we go: Avocado, Bacon, & Eggs!!

First… cook the bacon. I didn’t have any turkey bacon left. So I used some of my husband’s organic applewood bacon. Use whatever you’d like…. it’s bacon.


Next, cut the avocado in half and scoop some of the avocado out so more of the egg can fit inside the avocado. Chop the bacon into small pieces.


Set the avocado halves on the rim of a cookie sheet and crack the egg into the avocado. Sprinkle on top with bacon.


Bake in oven at 425 degrees for 15 minutes!


This can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner! And if you’d like, just sprinkle on top with salt & pepper.

What I will do differently next time:

Undercook the bacon, just a bit.
Buy LARGE avocados (as the pictures show my avocado halves were still TOO small for the eggs to fit)
Serve as a side/appetizer. I was still hungry after eating 2 halves.


Slow Carb huh?

28 01 2013

Good afternoon!

I just had to share this! I have been following a Slow Carb nutrition plan for about a month now. I think the name sounds scary, but it really isn’t. Here are the basics:

  • No simple/starchy carb (at all)
  •  No sugar
  • No dairy
  • Limited fruit
  • No liquid calories

So…. what CAN you eat? Lean (preferrably organic) meats and veggies!! Easy! It is tastier than it sounds… trust me!

For example:

stir fry

This is a little stir fry I made up. More like a grill than a fry.. but hey thats the name…

Here is what it entails:

  • Slice up some yellow bell peppers (or red or green or whatever)
  • Trim fresh green beans
  • Put the green beans in a pan with about 2 inches or so of water. Salt the water (2 pinches)
  • Turn burner on HIGH and let the water get warm. Place green beans in pan and allow them to sit in water as it comes to a boil. I leave them in there for about 8 minutes or so.
  • While the green beans are beginning to cook I place my bell peppers in about 1/2-1 tablespoon of Olive Oil. Set the temperature to MEDIUM.
  • After green beans have cooked for about 8 minutes scoop them out and let them join the pan with the bell peppers. STIR!
  • Let these guys cook together for about couple minutes then add the (grass fed organic) beef strips. STIR!
  • Cook them to your desired color and lastly (at the very end) add a few slices of tomato.
  • I like to top mine with about 1/4-1/2 fresh avocado.

And that is it friends!

A completely fresh meal.

That is SO yummy!